Oil Spill Detection

And Monitoring Sytem System

Combining proven capability in early detection with the presentation of essential spill information regarding oil spill volume estimates, deformation and drift, sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection significantly improves response time and mitigates potential environmental impact. sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection has been extensively tested and proven effective in independent trials conducted by the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO).

Dramatically improve situational and environment awareness with 7/24/365 coverage. With 360 degrees of visibility and up to a 4 NM range of the radar, Oil Spill Detection will alarm on potential oil in the water and outline it for effective containment and cleanup.


Harbour Management

Complex operations call for real-time situational awareness for harbour masters, vessel traffic controllers, ships officers, and pilots.


Research and scientific organizations can observe and accurately measure ocean-related activity to gain a deeper understanding of the marine environment, and utilize sigma S6 data storage and playback capabilities for on-going research and analysis.

Oil & Gas

Rutter delivers radar solutions to many functions and phases of oil field development and the petrochemical industry – from protecting development and drilling operations, to downstream industries like refining, loading, and shipping.

Security & SAR

sigma S6 radar solutions help ensure the safety and security of vessels.


Answer the demand for accurate oil spill detection and reporting with sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection (OSD) System. OSD is industry-specified and provides the data portability needed for sharing information in real-time with spill response teams, management, and other key stakeholders, protecting offshore, onshore, and corporate assets around the world. It combines proven strength in early detection with tools that generate essential information about location, spill extent, deformation, drift direction, and volume estimation.

Oil Spill Detection Overview


In the unfortunate event of a spill, sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection provides real-time data on the current extent of the spill and effectiveness of containment measures to more effectively deploy resources. Receive immediate information, as a complement to aerial and satellite imagery that cannot be provided 24/7 during an incident.

sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection monitors 7/24/365 for potential oil spills, alerting operators of Ports, Coastlines and Offshore facilities to leaks can be detected as they form to allow fast response to contain the spill and take preventative action before a larger event occurs.

Early detection of a spill will significantly improve response time and containment, minimizing environmental impact.


  • Low False Alarm rates can be mitigated by automatic radar return assessment, setting parameters to ignore known anomalies or regions and/or prescribe specific ranges, thresholds, and distances from the scanner.
  • When the alarm is a confirmed spill, it is automatically vector-outlined with historical outlines maintained to isolate and track spill drift and dispersion.
  • Modelled after the AMSA Oil Spill Monitoring Handbook methodology, user defined thickness values are paired with processed area information to provide an estimated oil volume.
  • Integration and control of EO/IR cameras is facilitated with the ability to support multiple cameras. Intelligent selection of a best camera to image a spill area is supported for rapid verification


Automatically detects oil spills, and then on user confirmation outline the spill and tracks its movement.

The system permits the user to set parameters which mitigate the occurrence of false positive spill detections. It performs automatic assessment of the radar return to determine possible areas presenting false positives. Also, users can select regions of the radar coverage area to focus on or disregard, and minimum alarm thresholds can be set.

As thicker areas of a spill dampen the radar signal more, areas of relative thickness can be inferred by the system. Coupled with user input concerning characteristics of the hydrocarbon, an estimate of volume is estimated.

Incorporates a world coastline map to help eliminate false positive targets when operating near land.

sigma S6 Oil Spill detection provides recording options to capture on-screen activities as images, a video recording or a low-level capture of the radar data that can be used at a later date (as if live) for training or in depth anaylsis.

sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection allows ability to view and control the system remotely from multiple locations with options to operate under low bandwidth conditions when necessary.

Integration and control of IR cameras is facilitated through the Rutter SeaView interface. Features include the ability to support multiple cameras, intelligent selection of a best camera for specific area, and automatic slewing to detected oil spills. These features support quick decision making in addressing potential spills, allowing for quick deployment of resources to reduce impact to the environment and operations.

sigma S6 advanced data capture, filtering techniques, and high scan-to-scan integration result in industry leading imaging of spill events.

A web-enabled interface which makes it possible to integrate all of your sigma S6 data into your external systems using open standards.

SeaFusion combines up to four sigma S6 system at a single site, where coverage by a single radar may be obstructed to provide 360° coverage. SeaFusion merges independent data streams from separate sigma S6 radar processors into one composite view and operational display. This eliminates the need for multiple displays to operate the radar processors.

The overall improvements in situational awareness provided by the sigma S6 system occur across a wide range of sea states, weather, and daylight conditions, providing tactical information essential for real time route planning and decision making.

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