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KVR Industrial invites you to explore our latest in Advanced Industrial Technology Systems, that's geared towards saving your company's time, money, resources and lives. Our team is Internationally trained, certified and experienced to serve the Caribbean with the best.

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We focus on exceeding our clients expectations every time. With our team of qualified and experienced engineers combined with the world's best engineering solutions, KVR Industrial is your answer.

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Solutions We Provide


State Of The Art NASA Technology For Your Rotating Equipment. Monitor with the unique technology of Model Based motor current signature analysis.

Timberland Equipment

Integrated design, manufacture and support of engineered winches, hoists, sheaves, derricks and tensioning equipment for the world’s most challenging infrastructure and capital equipment projects.


The World's No.1 24x7 Thermal Monitoring Solution which predict 70% more failures in advance than periodic inspections. 

Global Field Services

Monitor and diagnose the condition of your assets with our IIoT-ready online Condition Monitoring systems. Align machine shafts with new levels of speed and precision using adaptive alignment tools.

Rutter Oil Spill Detection

Combining proven capability in early detection with the presentation of essential spill information regarding oil spill volume estimates, deformation and drift.


Browse our international Maritime Solutions for your vessels, piers and coastal facilities. Providing the best in surveillance equipment, radars, security and more!


Amazing benefits with us

KVR Industrial guarantees that our solutions will bring you a range of benefits from effortless predictive maintenance, early fault detection with accuracy, high return on investment and much more.

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Get connected with us to meet our team of qualified, experienced and reliable engineers.

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From assessment to project completion, you receive detailed and accurate reports with everything that matters.

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#1 Global Engineering Technology Solutions are what we align ourselves with and what we provide