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Minimize electrical failures to improve facility uptime

Monitor Assets 24/7

Optimize Maintenance

Increase Uptime

Increase conveyor uptime in logistics facilities by improving power reliability and resilience

E-commerce continues to grow exponentially; this puts enormous pressure on fulfilment centers when it comes to customer expectation of fast delivery. A vital part of this process is the ability to move / sort packages as quickly and efficiently as possible via motorized conveyors.

Operational uptime for each motor is therefore essential, meaning a malfunction of a motor on the conveyor system can quickly lead to costly downtime and even shutdown of time critical core operations.

Real time temperature data enables detection of when and where a fault may occur – increasing asset reliability and avoiding interruption to supply chain

The benefits of condition monitoring include:

Prevent unexpected power outages

Continuous monitoring 24/7

Identify faults in advance of failure

Maximize uptime and reliability

Avoids negative customer experience

Build resilience into supply chain processes

Permanently installed sensors that monitor critical motors powering conveyors provide real-time temperature data, enabling electrical faults to be detected before failure occurs. This ensures no interruption to uptime or negative impact to customers, while extending the life of the asset and reducing maintenance costs.

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