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Assure the future of the water distribution and treatment by reducing cost, energy and risk

Artesis enables water companies to continuously monitor blowers, pumps, and mixers to avoid potential failures, optimize asset performance and energy consumption.

The system downtime is disruptive and costly in the water industry, Artesis’s predictive maintenance and power monitoring solutions boost operational efficiencies and prevent unplanned downtime while extending the economic life of critical assets.

Companies using predictive maintenance in water industry for;

  • Lowering operational expenses and environmental risks arising due to equipment breakdown
  • Ensuring optimal performance and detect potential failures.
  • Improvement of oil recovery and performance of equipment
  • Optimising asset performance
  • Speed up the decision-making process

Why Artesis?

Conveyance System Pumping Stations

Monitor centrifugal, Archimedes and screw pumps to monitor the mechanical and electrical condition as well as variations in the load in case of leakages in the wastewater system pumping.

Water Treatment

Monitor settling and sedimentation tanks motors actuating tanks’ chains and circular tanks arms. In secondary water treatment monitor compressors for aeration tanks, you can even monitor air diffusers’ condition. Surface aerators in aeration tank facilities can be easily monitored without need to install sensors on the motor. Monitor your final clarifiers pumps, submersible mixers, and submersible agitators without installing sensors on them. It also applies to sludge conveying vertical pumps and sludge mixers.

Solid Processing

Monitor digestor tank mixers or sludge mixers without worrying about installing sensors. Artesis technology will monitor electrical and mechanical faults including the low-speed shaft and the impeller. Artesis technology works for solids dewatering systems: decanter or centrifugal type machines, screw presses and belt presses.