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Considering the aggressive time-to-market required for pharmaceutical products, it is crucial to diagnose impending failures before they have an opportunity to occur.

Artesis condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions provide failure prediction, fault diagnosis, failure-type classification, and recommendation of relevant maintenance actions. Pharma equipment manufacturers, engineers, and process plant owners and operators proactively identify potential issues and deploy their maintenance services more effectively and improve equipment uptime.

Companies using predictive maintenance in pharmaceutical industry for;

  • Lowering operational expenses and environmental risks arising due to equipment breakdown
  • Ensuring optimal performance and detect potential failures.
  • Enhancing equipment reliability and extend the overall operational life of its assets.
  • Optimising asset performance
  • Boost growth and sustainability
  • Speed up the decision-making process

Why Artesis?

Environmental Control

A very important factor in the production of pharmaceuticals is controlling environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and airflow rate. Monitor the air handling units with Artesis technology to ensure the levels of these parameters are controlled according to requirements. This includes monitoring the supply and extraction fans with the motors that drive them. Also, this monitoring technology allows monitoring any load increase due to leakage of hot water or steam used for heating, and/or leakage of chilled water used for cooling and air conditioning systems. Of course, monitoring gas boilers or gas turbines, boiler feed pumps, ID/FD fans and related support equipment used in those systems is also possible and recommended.

Manufacturing Process

Although sometimes ignored due to size and number in the production line, small pumps and motor-driven mixers and agitators from the batch reactors can result in a batch lost due to a failure that could be prevented. Artesis simplifies the work of monitoring these machines without the need of introducing wiring and equipment or sensors in direct contact to the line. Also, monitor any conveying systems to make sure the manufacturing process runs smoothly from one station to the other. For the manufacturing process, there is more service equipment needed, such as water for injection systems and deionized water systems. Monitor feeding and supply pumps running within these systems with Artesis monitoring units and remember you will be able to detect both mechanical and electrical problems, including misalignment, loose foundation, bearing faults, load fluctuations, among others.