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IoT Solutions for Industry

Artesis IoT is an IoT platform hosted on the cloud where you can log in from your web browser anywhere. It is an interactive dashboard that allows you to examine the diagnostic and power usage reports of your electric motor-driven equipment which is provided by patented Artesis Early Warning System. You can also check and compare the historical fault progress of your equipment to support your maintenance decisions. Artesis IoT is an easy to use alternative to Artesis Enterprise Software which is installed and run on your local servers.


  • Store & Access to Data/Diagnostic Results via a Secure Cloud
  • Environment
  • No Server Needed
  • No Software Installation Needed
  • Plug & Play


Easy to Use, Quick to Start with

Following the installation of e-MCM units in the plant, Artesis IoT platform communicates with e-MCMs easily. All you need is to enter your log in details and you are good to go!

Go All Wireless

Go wireless by integrating a 4G/LTE router into your system which allows communication between e-MCMs and the Artesis IoT cloud platform. Integration packages are available to a wide range of 3rd party systems, including Integrated Condition Monitoring, SCADA/HMI, and Reporting/Business Intelligence

Explore, Analyze, Take Action

With the Artesis IoT platform, you can use the interface to explore your equipment data in both time and frequency domains. Use its trending page to see various parameters of your specific equipment at a glance as a trend chart. Examine and track the energy efficiency and power features of your equipment such as power factor, active/reactive power, effects of faults on equipment energy efficiency.

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