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Improve your resilience to power failures in complex energy operations

Artesis condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solution is designed to measure rotating equipment parameters and identify developing faults to reduce the likelihood of power outages.

The patented software can detect patterns over time, to provide an indication of an upcoming failure. From this, grid operators can pinpoint when a breakdown will occur, ensuring they have enough time to take corrective actions and avoid a dreaded power outage.

Companies using predictive maintenance in energy industry for;

  • Lowering operational expenses and environmental risks arising due to equipment breakdown
  • Ensuring optimal performance and detect potential failures.
  • Enhancing equipment reliability and extend the overall operational life of its assets.
  • Optimising asset performance
  • Boost growth and sustainability
  • Speed up the decision-making process

Why Artesis?

Fossil Plants

Coal, petrol and gas energy plants use steam or gases from combustion which is used to drive large turbines in order to generate mechanical energy that will be transformed into electrical energy by means of a generator. In addition, the entire process requires a series of machines such as alternators, pumps and fans for cooling processes, among others. Artesis MCM and PCM units allow to monitor the condition of all of them in a convenient way and at a fraction of the cost of traditional condition monitoring.

Hydro Plants

Like fossil plants, hydro plants use mechanical energy to generate electrical energy by means of turbines and generators. In this case, the mechanical energy is captured from the movement of the water. Also, pumping systems are used to pump water back to the reservoir with the purpose to reuse it and cover peak demand periods. Monitor turbine, alternators and generators, as well as “pumped storage” systems with Artesis technology to ensure their mechanical and electric performance, making the right decisions for appropriate intervention according to the severity of the problem, thus avoiding failure.

Nuclear Plants

In a nuclear plant, steam is generated by nuclear fission and this steam is used to drive the turbine which is connected to the generator. One of the main characteristics of nuclear plants is that they can run for many months without interruption, providing reliable and predictable supplies of energy. However, this reliability depends on the reliability of the machinery involved in the generation process.