Exertherm's NEW Bus Duct Monitoring Solution

Please allow us the opportunity to share with you information on Bus Duct Monitoring Solution which will build resilience into power distribution systems.

KVR Energy is the regional solutions partner for Exertherm® 24×7 Thermal Monitoring, which collects real-time temperature data for your critical assets, delivering enhanced safety, cost savings from increased efficiency, and countless other IIOT associated benefits.

Exertherm’s Bus Duct Monitoring Solution matches the modularity of bus duct, is quick and easy to install, and just as versatile.
It gives users a call-to-action on a specific joint which is potentially faulty and needs attention before a more serious problem occurs.
Continuous monitoring provides a 24×7 early warning system to detect critical temperature rise and reduce the risk of power loss.


Simple installation

  • Works straight out of the box
  • Attaches quickly and easily
  • Sensors fit directly to joints
  • No complex commissioning
  • Flexible solution

Modular build

  • Install at the same time as bus duct
  • Fits all complex bus duct systems
  • Maintenance free

Data integration

  • Provides 24×7 temperature and alarm data
  • Modbus 485 data taken direct to EPMS/BMS


Save money

  • Lower CAPEX – eliminates the need for thermography at install
  • Lower OPEX – eliminates continuous maintenance and periodic inspection
  • Avoid cost of unplanned outages

Enhance safety

  • Minimize personnel interaction with faulty, compromised or potentially dangerous electrical assets

Increase efficiency

  • Protect against unplanned downtime and revenue loss by monitoring 24×7

Identify potentially faulty joints

  • Modbus datacard connectivity
  • Sensors alert operators
  • Simple C-clip attachment
  • Sensors align with joints
  • 8 sensors over 24m lengths